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The Lansdowne Club

The Lansdowne Club, London

Diners Lansdowne

The Landsdowne Club, London

Wide view

The Landsdown Club, London

Roof open looking out

The Landsdowne Club, London

Arial view

The landsdowne Club, London

Partially open

The Landsdowne Club, London

above roof open

The Landsdowne Club, London

Internal wide view
  • Location:
    Mayfair, London

Built in 1763, Lansdowne House became a social club in 1935. The Lansdowne Club has admitted men and women with equal social status since its doors opened. In the heart of Mayfair, it is considered one of the most excusive and traditional private members' clubs in London. Our task was to extend the outdoor dining experience and alfresco feel to the inner courtyard, whilst complimenting the traditional Art Deco Architecture. A large retractable roof, with frontal screens, heating and lighting was the solution.