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Suites, Restaurants, Bars, Wedding Venues, Meeting places and Conference rooms. The modern hotel normally has a mixture of them all, be it in the lush rolling grounds of a country hotel, or the entrance of an inner city hotel. The use of retractable roofs, awnings and canopies can open up unused space, create a venue or add atmosphere to existing areas. We have years of experience working with some of the largest hotel chains and independents to provide the correct solution to any requirement.

The Marylebone Hotel, London


The Roof Top, Trafalgar Hotel, London

Trafalgar Roof open

Delamere Manor Hotel, Cuddington


The Bloomsbury Hotel, London


The Merchant Hotel, Belfast

Merchant 1

The Holborn Hotel, London


Varsity Hotel and Spar, Cambridge


The Holborn Hotel, London

Holborn 3

The Grange Hotel, London

Grange SP